30 December 2009

David Scheinbaum: Cambodia Exhibition

“Photography is a means of communication. As a photographer I aspire for my images to express my feelings and thoughts about my subjects. An added benefit is when the work can help effect change in the world. With this exhibition I hope to achieve that goal.”

-David Scheinbaum

People familiar with David Scheinbaum typically associate his name with his photographic work, his dedication to teaching, and his publications. What many people are not aware of is that David spent much of his childhood in and out of a children’s hospital in Brooklyn, New York.

 In 2007, in Santa Fe, during an afternoon visit with the respected artist and friend Kenro Izu and his wife, photographer Yumiko Izu, David was introduced to a first hand account of the Angkor Hospital for Children that Kenro had started in 1999 after a trip he had made to Cambodia. Kenro was able to raise both awareness and money for the hospital with the help of the international photographic community. Each year The Friends Without A Border hold a photographic auction that can be viewed on their website at fwab@fwab.org.

While discussing each other’s work Kenro suggested that David make a trip to Siem Reap and include the temples of Cambodia in his current work on stone and it’s uses throughout the world, as well as visit the hospital.

While visiting the hospital David was taken back to his experiences as a child. When invited to exhibit his photographs made during that trip he was pleased to have the opportunity to help the Angkor Hospital for Children. In his own words he states:

“I know how my life was not only changed, but my very being is a result of the care that I received as a child. The work that is happening on a daily basis at the Angkor Hospital for Children is unparalleled in Cambodia. The lives that are affected number in the thousands. I couldn’t ask for a greater reward from my artistic endeavors then to help raise funds for this cause.”

-David Scheinbaum

About the Hospital:

The Angkor Hospital for Children, sponsored by Friends Without A Border, is a leading pediatric hospital providing free healthcare to children in Cambodia. On average, 350 children and their families arrive at the hospital each day. Since opening in 1999, AHC has provided nearly three quarters of a million child treatments, and has been recognized by the Ministry of Health as an official teaching hospital, having trained hundreds of healthcare and NGO workers throughout Cambodia and beyond. Friends Without A Border supports AHC as a not-for-profit corporation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

A portion of all print sales will benefit the Angkor Hospital for Children.

Gelatin silver prints edition of 36 $1,600
Archival pigment inkjet prints, edition of 10 $750


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