19 January 2010

Elizabeth Opalenik's 2010 Workshop Schedule

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Ideas Exploding
Carmel January 22-24
I recently presented a program in Carmel that was lovingly dubbed “speed dating for the creative soul”.  In two hours we touched on everything from alternative ways to mount, hand emboss and frame images, to printing on metal, fabric and a variety of papers.  We talked of simple handmade books, elegant portfolio presentations and organizing work for an online book.   In this weekend workshop we shall actually do many of these things and discuss the others more in depth .  Whether watching a demo, editing or preparing your work for printing, or discussing projects with another participant, you’ll come away from the weekend with your creative toolbox overflowing. A great way to start the New Year.  Email or call for more details.  $375 includes materials. 8 students.

Movement and Dance
NYC and Norwalk CT January 30 and 31
We'll begin with looking at images and demonstrations involving fabrics, working with models,  camera settings and simple lighting, followed by 4-5 hours of actual shooting. If we are efficient, we may have time to share images end of day. If not, the new peer group can meet separately to share.  8 students $225 each day includes models and studio rental.  (Sat NYC and Sun CT unless the class that forms dictates otherwise)

Available Portrait Light
Boston February 6 - 7
Available light is everywhere and can also be a candle, a reflector, light bouncing off the house next door or a simple tungsten bulb you diffuse...whatever is "available". In this hands on class, we shall explore many possibilities and learn to use and control the light that surrounds us everywhere.  In this residential setting with a studio, we'll find it inside and out, weather permitting.  We'll learn appropriate camera settings for the situation, how to get your ideas across to your subject and respect the fact it takes two to make a portrait. We'll also look at the students prior work in this genre and the images made, discussing appropriate ways to present them to clients or friends incorporating some of the "Ideas Exploding" from above.  8 students $375

Apulia - The Incredible Heritage
Italy  May 15-21
Ancient cities . The beautiful city of Gallipoli, Lecce,  the Florence of the South, the exquisite sea light, the white façades of Otranto, Locorotondo and Alberobello with the Trulli, the conical roofs on the mysterious stone buildings that fill the landscape. All this beauty will be the backdrop of our week in Apulia,  the Heal of Italy. A region not that explored by tourists, where the locals are really still very local.

We shall be based  in the charming Masseria Appidè, http://www.appide.it/ owned by Massimo Rota, of Milanese origins but who has spent all his life in the Salento.

The landscape made of century old olive trees, the street life in the ancient towns, the markets  as well as the excellent local cuisine and the ‘ Pizzica Pizzica’ music , will be your inspiration in this workshop co-taught with Diana Grandi, www.dianagrandi.com. Class size is limited to care for your creative photographic needs.  $2800 includes most meals, shared rental cars and lodging.  Companions welcome $2400.  Email for more details.  Fly to Bari.

Imaginations and Dreams
Santa Fe July 4-10
With creativity I found my voice through images, and learned that all good photographs are self portraits.  In this workshop we shall go searching for that excitement and those images that move and sustain us. We will remember why we create images to express our ideas and explore various exercises to bring awareness to ourselves, others around us and the precious moment’s in life’s fateful detours. From portraits to landscapes, images are stepping stones that trace where the mind has been and form the unique vision each of us carries through life. By revealing ourselves, we shall discover new tools to convey the essence of our subjects, exploring how to express those heartfelt emotions and create the images that continue to speak softly “yes”.   There will be daily assignments using each other, local models and ourselves. This workshop is about taking risks, applying new skills learned daily and sharing our collective knowledge to take that next step in a supportive environment. We shall applaud failures in this workshop and be rewarded with new ideas and paths.  This class is not posted yet, but please visit www.santafeworkshops.com

I also have the honor of being a Mentor for the Santa Fe Workshops Mentoring program. http://www.santafeworkshops.com/resources/mentorships.php  Please visit this site to see if there is a match for you. 

The Handcrafted Photograph
Rockport Maine August 1-7
This class is posted and one that I am excited to be doing again.  Most of you know my love has remained in the darkroom, from hand painted images to Mordançage, I like exploring the hand crafted print and today I still enjoy exploring the new materials that are available.  As a member of the Freestyle Advisory Board http://www.freestylephoto.biz/ I have their support in seeing that we will be supplied with the latest darkroom materials currently being sold.  And I must say, I just tested some and they make beautiful silver prints. Film and darkroom still do exist.  Digital is great, something different and I combine the two when necessary. For years, others have asked when will I teach Mordançage.  Here is the class for you.  For details, please visit www.theworkshops.com

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